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Wireless Security System Options

Wireless Security Cameras: Security cameras are a popular element of
any home security system and for good reason. Along with security surveillance,
you can also keep tabs on your children as they move and play throughout your
home and yard. As effective as cameras are, to truly protect your home from
burglars, you’ll probably want to use them in combination with another security

Wireless Alarms: Wireless alarms are the most common home security
devices used. Some homeowners are annoyed or lulled into a false sense of
security, however, when an alarm goes off unnecessarily. Try to find an alarm
that is easy to operate, isn’t set off by a neighborhood cat or a strong wind,
but will still provide your home security if an intruder does invade your home.

Wireless Motion Detectors: Motion detectors provide an extra layer of
warning and deterrent to would be burglars, but also keep your home well-lit
without expending a ton of extra energy to keep exterior lights on all evening.
They can be designed to trigger an alarm or other warning, driveway or walkway
task lighting, or some combination of the two. Even if you decide to keep your
motion detector separate from an alarm system, many burglars are less likely to
rob your home if they know they can be more easily spotted by neighbors.

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