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Burglary Prevention – Home Security System

A Monitored Home Security System That Gives You Peace of Mind

Monitored home security systems provide the ultimate level of protection.
Hopefully you haven’t waited  until AFTER the burglary or fire to consider
your need for a home security system.

The first thing you will want to do is to think about what are your home
security risks and what you can do about them. Even before you install an alarm
system, you can lower your security risks by simply using common sense.

Burglary Prevention

With the FBI reporting that over a 10 year period about 1 in 4 homes were
burglarized, most local police departments recommend a monitored alarm system,
especially for homes containing high value items. (Is there any item of more high
value than your family?)

Residential burglars are mostly creatures of opportunity. They look for
obvious vulnerabilities like poor lighting, shrubs to hide their activities,
unlocked doors and windows, ladders lying around to help them gain access to
upstairs windows, and predictable patterns of homeowner behavior. Just by taking
a few sensible precautions, you can lower your risk.

Monitored home security systems typically take care of you once the
burglar is in the process of breaking in or is inside the house. It’s your job
to provide the “ounce of prevention” which hopefully means the monitored
security system will not be called upon.

Learn not to put out invitations to burglars. Don’t make it easy for them
to “case the joint” you live in.

Contrary to popular belief, more residential burglaries happen in the
daytime while people are at work or running errands than at night. If your car
is always parked in the driveway when you’re home and not out of sight in the
garage, you are leaving a signal for the burglar.

If you leave your garage door open with your expensive tools lying
around, you’re putting out the welcome mat and forgetting home security.

Evaluating a Monitored Home Security System

In evaluating a monitored home security system, you should compare both
features and quality, together with the company’s business reputation within
their industry.

Since you may be dealing with a local affiliate of a nationwide company
like ADT, you will want to ask for information on the local
business owner’s insurance, business license and how many years doing business
in your community. Ask for referrals from other people in your community for
whom they have done home security installations. Also ask if monitoring is done
locally or from outside the state.

One feature you should look for is sensors on the windows and doors so
that when the connection is broken the alarm is activated. Sometimes just the
sight of a sign or sticker indicating your house is protected
with a sensor system is enough to deter a burglar.

It is important for you to remember to activate the system when you leave
the house and when you re-enter the house. A home security system provides no
home security unless it is turned on!

It is equally important for you to de-activate the system after you enter
the house. If you break the connection on your alarm sensors by opening the door
and fail to give the monitoring company the “all clear,” they will start their
procedures for a potential burglary in progress.

If your system has the audible alarm feature, you’ll be reminded when the
loud shrieking alarm goes off alerting the neighbors of a potential burglar at
your house, too.

Many monitored home security systems also include a motion detector
feature. Motion detectors only protect AFTER a burglar is inside the house, so
it’s wise to have sensors on windows and doors as well.

Usually, there is a manual police/fire emergency button which you can use
to directly call for help.

Some monitored home security packages include both home intrusion and
fire protection.

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