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Wireless Home Security For Renters

Home security is very important to a lot of people but when you are renting a home or apartment you do not have as many options as a homeowner would. Home security for renters can be a little more challenging because of these limited options but there are some things you can do to keep your home safe and secure.

Things like proper locks and outdoor lighting are great but they are not enough to give a lot of people the safe and secure feeling that an alarm system could provide.

You can start by asking your landlord if they would be willing to install an alarm system. They may or may not but it never hurts to ask. If your landlord is not willing to install a security system for you they may give you permission to install one yourself. However, a hardwired alarm system may be a little more invasive than your landlord would like and if this is the case a wireless system may be an option.

Even with a wireless alarm system holes may need to be drilled into walls, but they are easy to fix should you decide to remove the system. A wireless alarm system can be installed with glass break sensors and motion detectors that will not require any drilling into window and door frames. Wireless sensors usually mounted with a double-sided tape.

When it comes to home security for renters, cost may be an issue for a lot of people. There is good news though, a lot of alarm companies will provide the equipment for free as long as you commit to a monthly monitoring contract. Alarm monitoring will typically cost somewhere between $30 and $45 per month but you may be able to get a free or deeply discounted alarm system worth somewhere from $850 to $1200. Shop around, make some phone calls, search online and you’ll definitely be able to find some options that both you and your landlord can live with.

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