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The Wireless Home Security System

These systems are designed for home installation, and run on lithium batteries. They remove the necessity for the costly and unsightly installation of a wired system. The only maintenance you have to do on a wireless system is to check regularly to make sure that the batteries are still charged up. Dead batteries won’t safeguard you! With the addition of a wireless system to an existing home, you benefit in two main ways. You are protected from break-ins, and if you decide to sell your home, you have the choice of taking your wireless system with you. Of course, you also may decide to offer your security system to the buyer as a selling incentive. A home that is fitted with a wireless security system uses radio wave frequencies to keep in contact with the security company. The system has a control panel with many variables from which the homeowner selects his preferences.

There is a wide range a range of security settings. The homeowner can set it to be extremely sensitive or more “relaxed.” For example, how many seconds of movement must pass before the alarm goes off? Does the homeowner want a silent alarm or one which will awaken the neighborhood? Motion sensors react to any movement within the premises when armed. The softly lit keypads are as clearly visible to the thief as to the homeowner. However, when a burglar tries to disable the keypad, the alarm is triggered. If the motion sensors have not already set the alarm off, the thief himself will bring the authorities running. The homeowner can access his system remotely, by key-fob. The Wireless Security Cameras These tiny cameras are an essential part of the wireless security systems. Often employed in businesses or public buildings, they allow a security guard to monitor all movements within the closed circuit. The homeowner can use them to monitor his property and view events from any internet connection.

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