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Home Security Without Landline

Can you get good home security without landline phone? A monitored burglar alarm system works by having sensors placed at strategic points throughout your home. When a sensor is triggered a phone call is automatically made to your monitoring company who can then notify the proper authorities. But you don’t necessarily need a traditional landline phone in order to have a monitored security system today.

In recent years people have become more and more dependent on their cell phones. It is not uncommon for people today to use their cell phone exclusively and not even have a landline phone any longer. The alarm companies are starting to cater to more to people who choose to use their cell phone exclusively. It is now possible to get monitored home security without landline phone service.

One way for your alarm company to monitor your security system without a phone line is to use an available port on your cable modem if you are a broadband customer. The monitoring would then work in much the same way it would with a phone line. When an alarm sensor is triggered a signal will be sent through your broadband Internet connection to the company’s monitoring facility. The alarm company would then attempt to contact you to see if there’s a problem. If there is a problem or if they are unable to contact you they would then send the police to your house to investigate.

Another option is called “ cellular Backup”. The alarm system is installed and connected to a device that operates as a cell phone. The device usually runs on a GSM network (such as AT&T) and uses a GSM card. In case of an emergency the unit communicates with the monitoring station using the nearest cell tower’s reception.

Both options are now available from big companies like Brinks and ADT. You may have to pay a little more each month for monitoring but you won’t need a landline phone and it is likely that prices will come down and be comparable to the prices for customers with a landline phone in the near future. The monthly charge increase equals to about $6 to take advantage of the additional services.

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