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10 reasons to get a security system.

The monitored security system is the most sought after security system. Here is a brief compilation of the Top 10 reasons to get a monitored security system. By investing in a home security system owners are actually saving their money. They save their money from burglars, thieves, and natural disasters such as flood or fire. Let us now discuss the other reasons to install a home security system.

  • Reason 1 # Contentment


The moment a home owner installs a monitored security system the greatest thing he or she achieves is contentment. The thought that the property will now be safe and all the attacks of theft and burglary will be prevented provides immense peace and calm.

  • Reason 2 # Low response time


The home alarm gives an immediate service in case of any breach in security. The authorities immediately reach the location in case of emergency when the alarm goes off. This is a very critical time. Even seconds count in such a situation.


  • Reason 3 # Additional security


The home security provides additional security against fire in the form of fire alarms, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. The systems guard against burglary through burglar alarm response. It also provides safety for infants and children.


  • Reason 4 # Immediate service


The monitoring company provides immediate and prompt service. They offer a 24 hour service all days of the week.


  • Reason 5 # Very affordable


The service fees are available at the most competitive prices. It is almost nothing, compared to the security they are offering and to the possible loss due to break in.

Cost is about a $1 per day without the additional homeowners insurance discount, which can be up to 20%.


  • Reason 6 # Savings on home insurance


By installing a monitored security system, the owners get to save on the homeowners insurance. These savings may account up to 20% percent of the total annual insurance cost.

The saving can be significant and will cover most of the monitoring cost.


  • Reason 7 # Very handy


The security system is very handy and easy to operate. The system may be activated and deactivated by a single touch through remote.


  • Reason 8 # Lifelong coverage


A security system provides a lifelong coverage to its client. If you tend to relocate 2 years after installing the system; most companies offer a “relocation guarantee”.

The service can be moved to anywhere within the USA.


  • Reason 9 # Wireless devices

Most security companies offer a complete wireless system. This version is not only a cleaner installation but will result in a reduced installation time. A wireless system will allow for an infinite expansion with various devices.

  • Reason 10 # Trust of the company

The final and the most important reason to get an ADT monitored security system is the trust and faith this ADT Alarm Company has generated in the hearts of the customers. The reputation of this company is sufficient to keep burglars at bay and home owners at peace. Over 9 million people trust ADT with their lives.

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