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Residential Fire Alarm-Things You Need To Know

Every year, fire destroys billions of dollars of homes and apartments. More than half the damage could have been prevented if these buildings had been equipped with effective and fully operational fire alarms. Fire fighters will tell you that half of the fire alarms in residential buildings where they do regular inspections are not in proper working order.  A trained professional will check your fire alarm system to ensure it is adequate to meet the needs of your residence and is in working order.

Most residential fire alarms including those sold by Blue Light Security/ADT have heat and smoke sensors. Unusual smoke and/or heat trigger the alarm. Some residential fire alarms have alarm boxes which residents can set off by hand. Many fire alarms installed by a security company are a part of your general home security system and are wired in with burglar alarms.

There may also be wireless fire alarms. Security System Installers will advise you about the best residential fire alarm for your home and the best place to locate the alarm panel. The cost of a residential fire alarm will vary depending on whether it is a simple smoke detector, a fire alarm box, a multiple-danger system and whether it is connected to a monitoring service. Blue Light Security has simple smoke detectors available for as little as twenty dollars while complicated residential fire alarm systems can be purchased and installed from $1500.

Seasoned consultants will provide advice about installing a residential fire alarm if you wish to do it yourself. A residential fire alarm system connected to a monitoring system will monitor your residence day and night whether you are home or at work. Many electrical fires can occur while you are away so a monitoring service this is an even safer option. Monitoring companies will provide a monitoring service package for a small monthly fee at around $2. They will also do a monthly check to ensure your residential fire alarm system is in working order. Whether your fire alarm ever goes off, having it in your residence buys you and your family peace of mind.

With a monitored fire alarm you know your home is protected from fire day and night whether you are there or not, even when the security system is off.

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